Joe & Ben's Dad (madush69) wrote in theatre_goons,
Joe & Ben's Dad

Hello fellow theatre goons!

Hi, I'm Dan. I work at a theatre in Ann Arbor.
My favorite movies are Star Wars, The Hannibal Lecter trilogy, James Bond, Indiana Jones, Amelie, Rush Hour, Run Lola Run, Standing in the Shadows of Motown, A Very Long Engagement, and many others.
I'm a manager, and I love our popcorn.

It was really slow yesterday. I hope with the rain in Michigan today, I'll have more customers.
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i'm a manager too! and i love popcorn! ahh!
and i love amelie!
aaaaand we were really dead today! we did 80 people. maaaan.
and HEY it's 3AM. i need to go to bed. haha
Very cool icon. I haven't been to any A2 theaters. I should check it out sometime.