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with so much drama in the GTC, it's kinda hard being S-A-R-A-B

Yeah, work. I am getting so sick of the theater. I've been here close to three years and I believe that the restless part of my personality is getting the best of me when it comes to this place. I have somewhat climbed up the little ladder here, enough to where I don't have to let people know who I am by wearing a label telling my name, but not enough to escape all contact with those people that I wish didn't know that I existed, because I don't really care to know that they do. I wish I could be cheerful and forgiving of their shortcomings all the time, but it's so hard when I am NEVER proved wrong. If I could just hide in the projection booth or the office all the time, I know I would have no grounds to complain so much. But it's the ten or so tiny hours a week that I have to spend on the floor, that time and time again prove to me that 4 out of 5 people, no matter what their class, style, etc. may be, are greedy, rude, treacherous, ugly people, with usually no grounds to treat people that are offering them a service the way that they do. I could go into detail about certain times, but then I would remember others, and this rant would never end. At first I thought that maybe it was just me, that I perhaps just give off a persona that makes some people just rude to me, but it's funny to see other people that had become employed by this place some time ago, and started out as genuinely happy and optimistic about their fellow man, but have become bitter and disgusted the same way that I did. But even through all my complaining, bitching and moaning, and all out disgust, I feel that I am going to be staying here just a little bit longer. I have in fact become used to it.

I think I am going to post this on theatre goons because I have never posted there, and this entry seems appropriate for my intro. So my name is Sara and I am a manager at the Georgia Square 5 (a second run owned by Georgia Theatre Company). Favorite movies are: (for now) The Warriors, Natural Born Killers, Enter the Dragon, Entropy, Love and a 45, and Haggard. Best things about my job: being a projectionist, getting free movie posters, and watching employee sneaks at Beechwood. Worst thing about my job: crappy pay, "the man," the 2wenty, and everything that I stated in the above paragraph.
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