d a v i d. (iamdakv) wrote in theatre_goons,
d a v i d.

on to my third amc.

hey im david.
ive worked for amc for about 3 years now in different locations...
first was amc sarasota east 6 where i started out and learned everything from usher, concession, box office and then projection...did all that in a pretty short span of 6 months and worked at that theatre for 2 years.
then i moved to washington dc and worked at the amc court house 8 theatres and walked on as a projectionist did that for a little while then moved back down to florida and am in fort myers now and im going to starting at amc merchants crossing 16 as a projectionist.
im excited...i love movies and getting to build up the movies and watch the screenings.
current favorite movies are 40 year old virgin, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, batman begins, and hopefully serenity will be.

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