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A Regal Revival!

That's what this community needs! A Regal revival.

My name is Sean, and I've been working at a Regal Cinemas in Gainesville, Florida for almost 3 months now. It is, as the intro says, one of the coolest low paying jobs one can have. Free movie passes, long periods of downtime, etc. But we do get a few things we can complain about. A short list, if I may. And these are just ordered as they come to my mind.

1. Pretzels - Two things here. We sell "gourmet" pretzels (just your ordinary bread pretzel) and a Cinnabon pretzel. Cinnabon's usually go smoothly. But we get some people that just get picky about the ordinary ones. Now, this thing comes in a sealed bag, making it CLEAR we didn't make this thing. "It's too doughy!" "It doesn't taste good." Umm, you think I actually made that? But the kicker is even better. We have two displays for these pretzels, one on either side. Clearly sealed, no obvious doors anywhere on it, and all the pretzels look pretty stiff. But sure enough, "Why doesn't this look like that?" Umm, THAT is plastic. It gets even better when we're out of one kind of pretzel. They point at the cases and "Can I have one of those?". What do I want to say? "Sure, if you want. You might find it a bit...stiff. But me? I'd find it a bit hilarious." But yeah, that wouldn't go over well.

2. Specificity - "Hi, I'd like a drink." Would you? Really? Okay, sir. Let me just read your mind and see what SIZE you'd like. Oh, and by the way, for a good 100 or more years now, soda has come in a variety of different flavors. Which one of those is "drink", precisely? That gets better when a person asks for the world famous "drink and a popcorn". That's leaving a lot to chance, don't you think? I should get them both larges and let them pay for their not being clear. All of our drink flavors and sizes and popcorn sizes are CLEARLY marked on the menu above our heads. Heck, the drink flavors are even written in YELLOW when the rest is written in white, on a black menu.

3. Cost - This has been mentioned here before, but in almost a year it's gotten no better. Just today, someone asked me for a bottle of Dasani. That's expensive ANYWHERE, and yes, you are in a movie theatre. We sell a small Dasani for $3.50 (yeah, pricey, I know). I told the lady this and got the DIRTIEST look. It's bottled water at a movie theatre. Expect expensive. And don't give me dirty looks, I've got no control over that. One of my friends was once asked "how do you sleep at night?". Quite well, knowing that you paying for overpriced water makes sure I can pay my rent each month. "How much is your Combo #1?" "That's two medium drinks and a large popcorn, all with free refills, for $13.75." "Whoa! Oh my gosh, well just nevermind that then!" It's TWO BIG DRINKS AND A LOT OF POPCORN. Again factoring in movie theatre pricing, you can't exactly expect CHEAP on combos, which for the record cost EXACTLY the same as their individual items when ordered together. What I find funniest about this is that if people aren't complaining about water, they are stunned at the size of our cups and popcorn bags. It's almost exactly the opposite reaction.

4. Get back! - IF, by chance, you don't know what our drinks are, please DO NOT try to lean over my counter to look at the fountain. Also don't try to jump on over to see if I'm getting the drink right or how much ice is in there. I'm 2 or 3 of those away from bringing in a cattle prod. Back, annoying customer! BACK!

5. Slow down - I don't have a LOT of trouble with this, but it's quite annoying when I do. I get a busy line at concessions, and get a customer with a big family that decides to throw the entire order at me at one time. Do you really think I'm going to remember that you want a large Coke, large Sprite, medium fruit punch, medium popcorn, small popcorn with layered butter, nachos and a box of Goobers? If you know it's that big, break the order up a bit, or expect me to ask 3-4 times.

6. We don't control quality - Sometimes when I'm an usher, I get asked if I can exchange a ticket about 25 minutes after someone went into a movie. Something wrong? "I just don't like it." Usually our manager will do that for them anyway, but I don't think I would. That annoys me. Going to see a movie is taking a chance you will hate it. If you don't like the movie, leave and yes complain to your friends, but don't try to get us to let you keep trying a movie till you find one you like.

7. Where am I? - This is probably my biggest usher peeve. Someone will ask me where a movie is, let's say "Pirates of the Caribbean 2". When we have popular movies, we show them on more than one of our 14 screens. So I ask, "Which one?". They tell me the time. It's all I can do to keep from laughing whenever this happens. On our tickets, the time is this small piece of information. The theatre number, however, is a LARGE NUMBER written on the bottom of the ticket that takes up the bottom THIRD OF IT. JUST LOOK AT YOUR TICKET! That large number between 1 and 14 just MIGHT be a clue! And when you are in the lobby, we have multiple signs that show that 1-5 are to the left, and 6-14 are to the right.

8. Answer the question - We have to ask our concessions customers if they'd like a combo or they get a free movie ticket and we get a write-up. But I get so annoyed when I ask the customer "Would you like to try a combo?" and they blast RIGHT past the question without even answering me and start their order. I asked you a QUESTION. If you don't want a combo, just tell me so. It's funnier when they don't answer me about a combo, and then order items that basically make up a combo.

Wow, I didn't realize just how good it'd feel to type all that out. Again, that stuff aside, this is one of the coolest jobs that a person can have.

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