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I usually follow msamericana around so don't mind me!

Anyhow - I, too, use to work in the movie theater market. Two of them to be exact (Showcase Sterling, from NOV '99 to FEB '02 and AMC Fourm 30 FEB '02 to SEPT '02. I now work at a restaurant (BIG BOY) as a bus boy, which is somewhat similar in context to the usher position(s) I had at the two theaters I worked at.

I am right now waiting to see what will present itself with the new theater in the city of Sterling Heights. I don't want to work at the movie theaters for the rest of my life BUT during my college time, it would be nice to get back into the movie theater business and away from BIG BOY!

I'm currently a student at Macomb Community College and will be in the prospects, majoring in Journalism. I would like to be a movie critic someday. I right now hold a few freelance (and I mean FREE) writing spots on the internet (so if you do a search engine on either Keith Helinski or KHELINSKI - I'm all over the place.)

I think that sums in a nut shell who I am.

By the way - for those 'THEATER goons" out there, there is a very very well written book called ENJOY YOUR SHOW by Wade Bradford. I didn't care for the ending of the book since it then and there, just became a "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" knock off but there are many scenarios that occurs in the novel that I experienced and I'm sure those experiences are similar to YOURS! msamericana suggested the book to be four/five years ago, BTW! ;)

I miss the atmosphere of the theaters. The free passes, of course. The feelings you get during the summer and winter days. And the free "stuff" (standees, banners, posters, 35 mm trailers, and other marketing "stuff") I guess the most I miss is being able to talk about something I know a lot about, movies. I've notice the majority of the people that both works and visits the theaters are movie goers where there are only a few (here and there) movie buffs. Movie buffs that will watch just about anything and also sees not just the entertainment value of movies but also the art form as well! For a movie buff, working at the movies as a teen and college brat is a pretty damn good job!
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